2016 Travel update

It’s been a very long time since a proper posting. I have actually gone back to hand-writing in a journal and just have such a backlog of photos (that need editing as well) that I have totally been procrastinating here. It shouldn’t be such a chore and I do enjoy blogging but somehow I always … More 2016 Travel update

I’m still here.

Wow, it’s been over half a year since my last post. Life has been crazy, well, a little crazier than usual. The reason I actually stopped writing initally was because I went to Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia last October-November and I wanted to finish off my Korea posts before I got started on that trip. … More I’m still here.


Changdeokgung was the first palace (out of four) that I went to in Seoul. It took me quite awhile to whittle down the number of photos to post so just a warning that this will be picture-heavy. I was excited about seeing this palace the most because there was a highly recommended ‘Secret Garden’ tour within the … More Changdeokgung

Seoul Food

I have been missing Korean food a lot. It’s hard to find people that share the same enthusiasm for Korean cuisine as much as I do so I don’t eat it as much as I used to. I really only started appreciating Korean food some years ago when I was dating a Korean and got to learn more … More Seoul Food

Gwangjang Market

Gwangjang market is, quite simply, food heaven. The marketplace is lined with stalls and stalls of delicious-looking food which can make it very hard to choose what to eat and has all the hustle and bustle you would expect from any market in Asia. I went there twice – once on my first trip with Rachel … More Gwangjang Market

Five Spice Cookies

Since my last post, I’d been wanting to eat the five spice pinwheel cookies but for some reason, haven’t been able to find them in the Asian marts I went to, so I decided to look up recipes on how to make them instead but discovered that they’re actually fried cookies which means a lot … More Five Spice Cookies